The Divide Between Rich and Poor on Lyme Disease – IVs vs Oral Antibiotics

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Someone made a response to the statement I made on Under Our Skin 2 video from my Covert Chronicle channel on YouTube and I thought I’d share…. This is the video here. I thought I’d share my views on the divide between the rich and poor with Lyme Disease, as well as the difference between IVs and oral antibiotics. My comments are based on what I’ve heard from ILADs doctors as well as documentaries I’ve seen in the past on capitalism. Just so you know I’m just not just conjuring these claims up in my mind! Many people with degrees and educated backgrounds in Lyme Disease have shared the same opinion. But a lot of them don’t talk about the divide between the rich and poor on healthcare treatment, as well as the difference between IVs and orals. The cost, effectiveness, and how some LLMDs are afraid to treat with IVs. So I thought I’d break it down for some of you…

Corinne Braun
– “Every day that this travesty is allowed to continue, more & more people will be condemned to a lifetime of totally unnecessary disability!”

Covert Chronicle (Me)
– “It has to affect more rich people, that’s when something will get done. Truth be told though, the rich are reaching remission quicker with intravenous antibiotics, while we’re stuck with the oral medication which is almost next to useless.”

Natalie Farmer
– “^^ This comment is completely ridiculous. The rich ARE NOT getting into remission more quickly with antibiotics. Have you even had Lyme? If you did you would know that part of the controversy is TREATMENT, lower and middle class folk are not getting better on long term antibiotics either, it has nothing to do with being rich. However, financial status does come into play when spreading awareness to get more research done, contacting media, etc….”While we’re stuck with oral medication” —so not true. I am a lower middle class citizen who is on intravenous and has been for a year and I know many more people in my situation. It just so happens to be that my insurance now covers my antibiotics. I am not saying you are completely wrong, but your assumptions are quite silly coming from someone who’s been fighting this battle for quite a lng time and can speak for many more who have as well.”

Covert Chronicle (Me)
– “I’m glad you responded to my bold statement so I could go into much more detail for you and others who live in a bubble!!!! What I say are not silly assumptions! You listen to too much what the standard media has to say about healthcare and disease. The typical BS, that we all receive the same treatment and all the treatment is the same. And you basically just look at Lyme Disease from your middle class point of view, I will go into that later… Have you ever seen the movie John Q? Watch that movie, because that’s what life is like for a lot of black people!!!

Even Under Our Skin documentary refrained from going deeper into the discussion of IV vs oral treatment, because they don’t want to make people feel helpless because they can’t afford IVs. A lot of the doctors in that documentary highly emphasized using IVs, one LLMD from what I remember, said he would strap his family member down and give him a PICC line if they ever got it. At ILADs conferences, many LLMDs have said in their conferences, reaching remission without intravenous antibiotics makes things harder.

Believe what you want, you don’t think there’s a difference between orals and antibiotics? There’s a reason why Dr. Jemsek just uses it and Dr. Burrascano decides to treat with it first in his guidelines. Penetration!!! Many ILADs physicians have said it’s best used in the beginning. So that might be why your IVs aren’t as effective. If you think a year is long, try 3 years of oral antibiotic treatment like me!!!!! Or others who have been stuck on orals for 5 or 7 years and destroying their livers. A lot of LLMDs try to talk you out of using IVs because they are worried about losing their license. See IVs cost more money, which is the main reason insurance companies report them to the CDC. Longterm IVs throw up a lot of flags for insurance companies because of the cost.

You’re getting coverage, great! Not all states and insurance companies are the same. Along with LLMDs, not everyone’s is in the same situation you’re in. I had to reform to using orals for 3 years, because a lot of LLMDs here in Michigan are afraid of using intravenous antibiotics, hence again getting flags thrown up on their licenses by insurance companies because of the cost. Then there’s more responsibility with intravenous antibiotics that a lot of doctors don’t want. Do I think I would be in better condition of I used IVs in these past 3 years? Lol, don’t even kid about that. Of course!

I had Lyme only for year before being diagnosed, perfect shape, not overweight as you can see in the video and actually bodybuilded for the past 10 years free of any drugs. 3 years in oral treatment and I still have serious bad athritis and symptoms. Girl from Under Our Skind has Lyme for 10 years, treated with IVs for 7 months, all symptoms gone. Do I think everyone gets better on IVs, no, of course not! Treatment also has to do with your health from the get go, are you smoking, overweight, etc… Also if you have coinfections and if you’re treating them…

But the truth is, the best treatment as of now for borrelia and coinfections is IVs because of aggressiveness and penetration. And the fact the matter is, not everyone can afford IVs!!!! Hence the gap between the rich and poor people!

You think you have everything all figured out from your point of view from a middle white class family. Sheeittt! I have a black girlfriend that I’ve been dating for 6 years and know from experience that health treatment in the black community is so much poorer than middle white suburb family. I know by fact there are Detroiters living with Lyme Disease, because ticks are on Belle Isle. But because they are so poor and don’t even have access to the internet, some of them are just told by their subpar Detroit doctors they have Lupus or some bullshit autoimmune disease. Do you want to get into the difference between education between the white community and the black community as well? Probably not, because that’s pretty self-explanatory!

Now if you want to get into capitalisms role with Lyme Disease in the Healthcare Industray, I can break that down for you as well.

The rich control insurance companies and the government. Hence capitalism, the form of government you live in now, wake up! Walton Walmart family has more wealth than 40% of Americans in this country, these are the people making the decisions for this country, not you. You think the rich feel for you and your disease, your expendable just like the soldiers they send over to war for oil to keep this country going. Soldiers that fought in the Vietnam War and were exposed to agent orange, guess what they were told when they came back, their symptoms are psychosomatic. Why because the VA didn’t want to blow all the money on healthcare coverage. See some similarities here!!! We are expendable and collateral damage!

By the way do you see rich kids going to war?

Insurance companies are more important to keep this capitalistic health industry going, rather than saving our lives, that’s how our government thinks and that’s why the IDSA has made these guidelines. It’s about profit! Parts of the coverup may include biowarfare as well.

When Bush got it, guess what, he was quickly diagnosed and treated probably with IVs. Ben Stiller and his son? They acted like it was no big deal on Letterman! You don’t think the rich get better treatment and diagnosed faster you’re from on planet. Healthcare industry wants you to believe that, but the truth is people like Magic Johnson are still alive and others who couldn’t afford progressive AIDs treatment died. Insurance companies will only cover so much of your disease, no matter what you have. And truth is, the CDC didn’t start doing anything about AIDs till it started effecting the rich and celebrities. I thought Michael Moore made that apparent in the documentary sicko!

Again some black people will never have a clue what they have because they are so poor and have such bad healthcare in their area!

So I think I explained the healthcare divide between the rich and the poor. As well as the rich influence on healthcare (capitalism) as well. And don’t say there isn’t a difference between orals and IVs, because LLMDs have boldy stated there is!

Anyways, I’m not trying to piss you off, just trying to expose what’s going on. If you think I’m wrong, fine I respect your opinion, but I believe I’m right on a lot of things. A lot of people don’t have the balls to say what’s going on! I do!!!

I wonder if you would rather have me reporting about Lyme Disease or the standard media? Like CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC who throws this whole topic under the rug…..”

Covert Chronicle (Me)
– By the way, those Doctors who got Ebola in Africa and were flown over here for treatment, you think they would do that for you? The government is taking the risk of exposing millions of us to this contagious disease! Is this right? Who are they to risk our whole population for helping two (probably rich doctors with connections.)

I honestly thought the government and military is about containment, this risk has me wondering. This goes to show the divide and care for certain class of people..

Lyme Disease Bacteria Survives Antibiotic Treatment

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A new study shows that Lyme Disease survives after a full round antibiotic treatment on mice. Dr. Brian Fallon just lectured at Lady of Lourdes High School in Poughkeepsie, New York about this study and many others. New York is one of the biggest epidemic areas for Borrelia burgdorferi, Lyme Disease is very endemic in this area. The mice that were treated with antibiotics, still passed on the spirochetal bacteria to ticks after the ticks fed on the mice, remember that mice are the source for Borrelia burgdorferi, not the ticks. This new mice test basically backs up the Monica E. Embers study done back in 1998, a study that showed Lyme disease still persisted after 4 to 6 months of aggressive antibiotic treatment on monkeys. It’s rather strange that the Embers study was delayed 12 years, while a similar study done in 1996 by Mark S. Klempner, that suggested there wasn’t a persistent infection. The Klempner was published within a year and guess what, this was the study used to back up the IDSA guidelines.

Is this just a coincidence or is our government corrupt beyond belief? I would go with the corrupt, if you look at where our country is headed with a Government ruled by capitalistism, you can bet your but that neither the corporate healthcare companies want to pay for antibiotic Lyme treatment nor does the government want to pay for disability. So the best way to deal with this problem, is to deny Chronic Lyme Disease even exists. Problem is now, Lyme disease has hit such epidemic proportions, with 300,000 people infected each year, the Government can no longer cover up this disease.

Lyme Disease Vaccine for Mice

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There may be a new way to battle this Lyme Disease epidemic folks. U.S. Biologic is coming out with a new vaccine for mice that could help reduce the amount of people infected each year. Mice are the main source for Borrelia burgdorferi bacteria. First the ticks feed off the mice, then they later feed on humans and animals, passing on this horrible disease. According to Dr. Tom Monath, a member of the board of U.S. Biologic, this vaccine has helped reduce the amount of infected ticks by 75 percent. Imagine what this could do for people in endemic areas, if it works!

I still have a lot of skepticism though, I think medical companies are in the business to make only one thing, money! Forgive me for thinking that way after seeing the insurance companies not wanting to pay for longterm antibiotic treatment and the Lymerix vaccine failing. If the vaccine does work, then there’s the problem of still fighting off coinfections such as the Powassan Virus and the parasite Babesiosis. I’ve heard the Powassan Virus can kill up to 30 percent of its hosts. Viruses and parasites are a whole different ball game when compared to bacteria, they involve entirely different treatment!

I’m not sure if the Borrelia burgdorferi bacteria can be easily irradicated by use of a Lyme vaccine. As ILADS have stated over and over again, this smart bacteria finds ways to adapting through use of biofilms and cyst forms, they are self defense mechanisms for the bacteria. But I’m going to stay positive though and hope that this vaccine does work. Imagine the amount of lives this vaccine could save it works, people in endemic areas could go back to enjoying the great outdoors. So many adults don’t hunt, fish, and camp anymore due to the fear of the disease. Lets hope and pray that it works!

Flagyl Antibiotic for Lyme Disease & Coinfections

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I started doing videos on my YouTube channel again, The Covert Chronicle. So I recently decided to do a video on the antibiotic Flagyl and talk about why it could be so effective for people with Lyme Disease. A lot of Lyme literate doctors and scientists suggest Flagyl penetrates biofilms and breaks open cysts, but what if it actually targets certain parasites that antibiotics can’t kill. That could be why so many people stay chronically ill with Lyme Disease. See Flagyl is both antiparasitic and antibacterial, so it could be killing off Borrelia burgdorferi and parasitic coinfections all at the same time. It’s something to maybe think about and discuss, because I completely back up what Dr. Horwitz suggests, coinfections are making Lyme disease harder to treat and cure. Or should I say put into remission, it’s probably impossible to kill off ever spirochete in your body. But I really wish I could, I want my life back ya know…

Lyme Disease Cure? Gene Defficiency

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lyme disease doctor kenneth bramwellWell on a positive note, it looks like researchers at Utah’s Department of Pathology have stumbled upon a breakthrough in Lyme Disease treatment. Dr. Janis Weis and professor Corey Tuscher have identified the cellular processes that influences the severity of Lyme arthritis. They say it’s a gene deficiency that’s causes some people to get sick and others not. “We’ve identified a gene, a pathway, and potentially a therapeutic strategy.” It’s possible that this could lead to cure. If you think about it, if you give your body what it lacks to fight the disease, your body could actually cure itself. But then again, if what Dr. Alan MacDonald is saying is true about biofilms and cysts, this may just help relieve some symptoms and not actually target the infection.

I’m all for the treatment if it can help relieve my arthritic pain! The arthritis is actually what disables me. The other symptoms for me are not so bad. So if a pharmaceutical company comes out with a drug to replace this gene deficiency, we could treat with this drug and antibiotics. The combination of them both might be what we need to cure ourselves. So let’s not count this out!

I just hope that these doctors and scientists can get on the ball right away. So many are suffering from the disease and new ones getting infected. We can’t wait any longer, a cure needs to come out soon!

This makes me wonder happened to Lyme Research Alliance(Time for Lyme) VGV-L drug by Viral Genetics? Last time I heard clinical trials were getting started, man I just wish they would come out some type of treatment for us, even if it would just help a little!

Lyme Disease Meme for Banker Ina Drew

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lyme disease meme

If you haven’t heard of JPMorgan’s $6 Billion Case of Lyme Disease by now, I thought I’d mention it here on my blog with a sense of humor! The rich are always cracking jokes about the disese, like David Letterman, I thought I’d send one their way!

It’s absolutely amazing how many people are getting affected with this disease nowadays, it’s absolutely ridiculous. But the good thing about it, the disease doesn’t discriminate! Just as much as it affects the poor, it also affects the rich as well!

Ina Drew, the executive for JPMorgan Chase got infected with Lyme disease in 2010. Since then Ina Drew has been making bad investments for the company. Some say Lyme disease ended up costing the company 6 billion dollars! I for one could definitely see neuro Lyme screwing up her decision making skills. Oh well, now how’s that Lyme disease feel banker? lol

Paybacks a mutha!

Yolanda Foster Fighting for Her Life Because of Lyme Disease

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yolanda foster lyme diseaseIt seems like every other day, I see an article about Yolanda Foster dealing with Lyme Disease. I’m really tired of hearing about her! I feel for the woman, but there are millions of others suffering with the disease that don’t have money for treatment. These are the people that should be in news and getting help! Every week when I look up Lyme on Google, there’s another article about her. The recent one, I found suggests that she’s been fighting for life. The article states that the former model had such severe neurological Lyme disease, it shut down the function of my left frontal lobe. She couldn’t read or write for eight months.

It was so bad Doctor decided to give her electric shock therapy, which jump started some of the dormant parts of her brain. I’m thinking wow, wish we could afford these treatments that the 1% get! Makes me wonder what other treatments has she received? As we get dog shit!

Every time I think of the rich and disease, I think of the movie “The Island.” You know movie where rich people keep a clone themselves, so if any of their organs go bad they can just take one from their clone. With capitalism and corruption getting worse within the health care system, I think this is what the future holds! Another interesting movie is Elysium with Matt Damon.

And honestly it’s rather ridiculous that she received an award from the Lyme Research Alliance Gala. Some might think I’m rather harsh, but you know what, I just write what I see and hear! One good thing about Lyme Disease is it doesn’t discriminate, just read the article about JPMorgan’s $6 Billion Case of Lyme Disease.

My Father might have Lyme Disease in Leonard Michigan

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My dad has had GI problems for the past year, I told him multiple times it could possibly be Borrelia burgdorferi wreaking havoc in his gut, but my mother and him have kind of dismissed it. He’s been on a gluten diet for a year and half now, any time he eats grain with gluten, it gives some severe stomach problems. I think he’s been had other symptoms coming and going, but he hasn’t told me.

Now after a year of GI problems, he’s having headaches and head pressure, just recently ended up in the emergency room because of pinching in his chest, kind of like pins and needles. I’m almost positive now what it is? After the doctors did multiple tests on him, they couldn’t find anything. That’s when I told him immediately to get a Lyme test done. So he went in to have the bloodwork done, I exclaimed if they have the western blot, get take that over the standard ELISA test. But honestly I don’t think the doctors ever informed him what Lyme test he did.

He’s also has an appointment scheduled with Dr. Ziobron in Romeo Michigan for the more thorough Lyme test from Igenex Labs. I talked to him on the phone today, he said the headaches are getting so bad he’s just ready to get on antibiotics.

I’m really just bewildered right now, I’m angered, frustrated, and sad. I really hope that my father doesn’t have Lyme, I do not want him to go through what I’m going through with this horrible disease. But what else would it be? There’s not too many diseases that can cause my dad’s symptoms and it’s somewhat similar to mine.

My beginning symptoms were changes in vision, headaches from foods with gluten, and GERD. His beginning symptom was just stomach pains from foods with gluten. So his case is a little different, but now that he’s having headaches and chest pains which I had, more of a multi-symptom disease, which leads me to believe Lyme.

If he does come up positive, he’s going to be the “like” the 6th immediate family member that has Lyme. The reason I use the word like, because I’m not sure how many members within my family have Lyme because some family members have kept their lives private. But I know that my uncle got the red ring rash and went on antibiotics. My aunt is currently treating herself with natural antibiotic herbs for chronic Lyme. And my other aunt said she went on antibiotics for a short amount of time because she pulled a tick out of her. Then there’s another family member, but I’ve been kept in the dark about his situation.

The deer really are prevalent where my dad lives in Leonard Michigan, they were trotting around right in his backyard. Six months ago my mom and dad put their dog down because he was pissing up blood. It really pisses me off that they made the decision without asking me first. After they told me about his situation, I immediately thought “Lyme!” My dad said one time he found a tick on the rug in the middle of summer. My dad thought how did he get in here? Our dog was always on a short leash, right in the vicinity of a cemented patio. So how did a tick managed to get in here? Well it managed! And chances are our dog Duke had Lyme as well.

If Lyme Disease is this bad in southern Michigan, how can this disease still be this silent dammit! Lyme and the politics surrounding the disease never really ceases to amaze me!

Massive Moose Die Off, Most Likely Ticks & Lyme disease the Culprit

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moose die off lyme diseaseWith the rise of Lyme disease now hitting 300,000+ Americans each year, it’s no surprise to me to find other animals being hit just as hard too. Articles are surfacing around the web of where moose are dying off in massive droves, the culprit? Well scientists don’t know for sure, but they are sometimes finding 100,000 ticks on just one moose! Now that’s nasty, imagine how many different coinfections these moose are getting infected with along with Lyme disease. Plenty of diseases to take down a 1000 pound moose, that’s for sure.

Our friends over at Northern Wild claim moose are testing positive for Lyme disease, so to me that’s a clear sign. Some articles have claim that climate change could be affecting the heard, along withover-hunting, but honestly that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me. Some moose have been missing massive spots of fur, symbolizing that they have tried to remove the ticks from their bodies by rubbing up against trees.

It’s rather interesting that some scientists are suggesting ticks are the main culprit for killing a 1000 pound animal by the droves, when the CDC still says Lyme Disease rarely kills, now think about that for a second!

Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, but Actually Have Lyme Disease

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When will this insanity stop! I just saw another article about a misdiagnosis and felt I had to do a short write up. Imagine how many people get diagnosed with multiple sclerosis each day and it’s actually Lyme Disease. Many of these people never find out that they actually have Lyme Disease and eventually die. Not too long ago my friend told me he had a family member who has Multiple Sclerosis and didn’t have much time to live. First thing I asked him, did your family member get tested for Lyme? My friend answered no with a cocky attitude. I exclaimed to my friend how the two diseases can be easily mixed up. He basically just shrugged off everything I had to say and thought how the hell would I know more about the disease than this specialized doctors.

Due to the public’s ignorance and not much publicity on the disease, many and when I say many, I mean 99% are left in the dark about the connection between Multiple Sclerosis and Lyme Disease. Most people just watch TV for their source of information and never get the full truth. Well what is the truth? The truth can sometimes be scary, if not horrifying! For instance how can a government or a group of medical advisors take an oath to protect its citizens, but yet withhold information about a debilitating disease that infects 300,000+ people each year, for some actually killing them. It’s absolutely ridiculous but it’s happening every day!

My suggestion if you’re reading this article is to stop getting your information from the media on the TV and rather start watching documentaries that are based more on fact. A good percentage of documentary’s are made by working-class citizens such as you and me. Documentaries like Gasland, Why We Fight, The Disclosure Project. Give a complete opposite portrait than what the media portrays. For instance Gasland, Josh Fox portrays a completetely different picture than how the government portrays natural gas drilling as safe. Why We Fight, well what is their else to say, when our government says Iraq has nuclear weapons and we go over there and find nothing. The Disclosure Project, are we alone? Well after watching this documentary, I guarantee you’ll have your answer. Astronauts such as Edgar Mitchell, Gordon Cooper, and many others of higher ranking status confess about the UFO topic. We have all this truth out there, but yet we seem to live our life by the motto “don’t mind the man behind the curtain.”

Some days I think we’re making progress in humanity, then some days I think the world’s headed into the shitter. It really feels like I’m talking to a brick wall sometimes! It’s hard to get people to wake up, when they like living their lives in a bubble. It really is! Truth be told, it isn’t till something physically happens to a person they begin to wake up. Most the doctors that have become lyme literate doctors and treat long term with antibiotics is because they have gotten the disease themselves. It’s just the way the world turns!

Anyways I’m rambling! If you haven’t seen the connection between Multiple Sclerosis and Lyme disease you need to wake up. There are plenty of articles supporting the fact that so many are going misdiagnosed. Here are just a few to read up on:

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